Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting There

Had a 52 mile week last week and that went really well. A 15 mile run on Saturday which was my best run in WEEKS was a very nice treat. The greater treat was waking up on Sunday morning and realizing how much pain, discomfort and general soreness I was not feeling at all. Woohoo!

Melissa was heading out of town for a few days so we hung out on Sunday so I didn't run until after she left later in the afternoon. It all worked out as I did 10 miles up in N. and S. Cheyenne canyons in the evening when the wind had died down some.

My right shin is a little sore and has been since last week. It goes away once I start running. Shinsplints I am sure and also pretty positive it is from the miles from last week. It is manageable.

Tonight's ten mile run... three trips around the Palmer Park Rim Trail. Zero pain in my left leg. Not my fastest time but it is a trail you have to be careful on and since I was going to run it 3x, I figured I'd better take it easy. What cracked me up all night was that I used to think that running once was a big deal.. nah.... that was just my warm-up tonight. No wind tonight too and I finished just as the rain began... not a bad deal. :)

I came home and went to check my work PC to check on something and it was sounding like a jet engine trying to take off as the vent fan was going full bore. The screen was blank and the cursor was flashing. My guess is that a bearing seized in the hard drive, causing the temp in the case to go up causing the fan to go nuts. Regardless, work laptop no workee anymore. I tried to see it after booting from CD ROM and no luck. Had a friend e-mail my manager and we will figure it out in the morning. So far I am not TOO freaked out by what I have lost as I had very little personal stuff on there. There will be some work stuff and procedures I will have to find or recreate. It will be fine though hell, this has happened to so many of my team mates, I am surprised it has taken this long to happen to me.

That is really all I have. I am still feeling better day by day, and adding more miles. 53 more to go for this week and I am pretty confident that it is all going to work out just fine!

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