Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just a Quickie

Had a decent 20 mile run today. It was hot and a little windy but other than that tolerable. Towards the end, last five miles or so I could tell the heat was starting to get to me. I'll have to rethink the whole idea of Badwater I believe. Haha. Seriously it was 88 when I got home so this has to be the warmest run of the year for me so far.

Everything is holding up well. Left knee and hamstring are good. Right shin is cooperating. Just have to get rid of this little blister on my right foot but I think that I have solved that one too. I think I am not tying my shoes tight enough. Maybe... or it could be heat related. Either way I have to have it solved in the next few days. With everything else going so well I don't want to be jacked up by a blister.

Tomorrow is going to be cooler. I am going to run Gold Camp Road from N. Cheyenne Canyon to Old Stage Road and see how far I get before turning back. It could be an out and back or I could come back down some trails and make more of a loop. My goal is 20 miles again tomorrow and that will put me way over my monthly goal of 250 miles for the month of May. Tomorrows run will also have some moderate elevation to it which is a bonus.

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