Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not Yet

It is Wednesday and still no running.  This cough is persistent but at the same time getting better, slowly.  Monday morning I was doubled over in pain coughing violently first thing in the morning.  Yesterday morning was better and today even more so, but it is still there.

Monday night was rough as I didn't sleep well with the coughing and as a result I was dead tired most of yesterday.  Last night I took some Nyquil and a Temazepam and that combo proved effect in knocking me out for the count... call it ten hours. If I coughed during my sleep it sure as hell didn't bother me any.  As long as I don't seem to get worse I will just assume that I am getting better and just be patient.  Any running right now would be counterproductive but I am hoping by the weekend to be able to get out.

This break is proving to be beneficial as it gives my brain time to process things in the background regarding running, goals, and my plans for 2014.  More often than not I end up looking the goals of the season or calendar year as one lump sum.  I have come to the conclusion the past few days that 2014 is more of a transitional year which will set me up for 2015 regardless of which race I might get into or what race series I might decide to do then.  That being said, the biggest goals for 2014 are the LT100 MTB followed by a solid performance in the Run Rabbit Run 100 in September. That's about it. 

Asia is definitely getting ACL surgery.  She is scheduled for the 17th at 9:30.  They might keep her overnight which I am not happy about so I hope they let me have her later that afternoon.

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