Sunday, January 26, 2014

Naked Bearded Slow Ultrarunners Fueling With Bacon Chasing Miley Cyrus At The Leadville 100

Really... the title has nothing to do with anything but just stealing an idea from Footfeathers to see how if it drives up traffic.  I must be bored.

Awesome training week.  Just amazing.  Since I really don't have a solid plan for the year as this year's plans are contingent on if I get into the LT 100 MTB I have been floundering as everyone knows.  Throw in the cold I had and that "mood" that I fell into for a month or so, just finding square one has been a challenge.

But I got an idea and what I have been doing the past two weeks pretty much is following last years training at this time week for week, day for day and it seems to be working.  This way when I find out I am in the bike race, I will be more than ready to focus on that, and running too as I have to train for the Run Rabbit Run 100 as well.  It really works for me as it forces me to focus on the bike NOW and the workouts are already planned so I don't really have to think.  I have enough on my plate to think about now anyway, so it helps to just review the plan from last year and execute it one day at a time.

So... this week... 9:41 hours of training.  6:10 on the bike, 3:31 running.  76 miles riding and 23 mile of running.

This week I have ridden the Cannondale F-29 Carbon 3 (Hard Tail) exclusively.  There is definitely a difference between it and a full suspension bike as my sore rear end could give testament to.  I don't know enough about bikes to fully verbalize this but it seems the hard tail is a bit more responsive if I want to do something.  It tracks better, maybe?  And in some ways, even though it is lighter, it definitely feels faster at times. 

I am still on hiatus from the Aspen commute.  Melissa came to the Springs on Sunday and stayed until Wednesday and I swear it was like being on vacation as it was just so damned nice to have her here.  We are meeting in Denver this coming weekend and staying the night up there which will be a blast as always.  Not so sure when I will be heading up again but it will at least be a few more weeks.

Asia is doing great a week after her surgery just hanging out in her pen.  She is being a brat at times so it is obvious she is feeling pretty good.  But we still have to limit her activity a great deal for the next few weeks.  Sutures come out this coming Thursday.