Monday, September 23, 2013

Rebooting, Rebuilding, and Retooling

It has been a long time since I have written anything.  A lot has been going on, more internally than externally as I am in the process of shifting my focus to other things.

Running, I am still doing it.  I had a solid training week two weeks ago, last week, not so much.  Factors in play included just general fatigue, and fighting a cold which while low-grade in severity, seemed to hang on for about two weeks. 

Digging Aspen.  A lot.  Living alone every two weeks, not so much.  Fortunately though the past two "off-weekends" Melissa and I have gotten together.  Two weeks ago in Fort Collins, and this past weekend she came home and spent the weekend here.  I go back up on Wednesday this week.

I am in the process of rebooting my Tri Peaks coaching business.  I picked up two new clients last week and that is exciting.  The first of the two just ran her first 10K this past Sunday and is going for her first half marathon come December.  Definitely a dream client as she is not afraid of the hard work. 

On the business front, I am also in the midst of redoing my website, It will have a new feel and format here shortly.  And since more letters means more credibility and prestige, I am also taking classes to become a certified life coach and that starts on Oct. 3.  That certification plus my masters degree in counseling will give me sure footing as I work on building my business and furthering my career in the helping profession.  In addition I am going to complete my ISSA Personal Trainer cert in the next couple of months as well... Again, more letters.

Overall I am stepping back from my running and racing by at least 80% I believe this next year.  While reflecting on training and completing Leadman, I have decided to focus as much energy towards my businesses as I did for Leadman to make everything a reality and be 100% self employed (and successful) within the next year.

Back on the home front... slowly and I mean slowly starting the process of purging and getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I filled two large garbage bags of clothes out of my closet (should probably fill a third) and will be hauling that to ARC real soon.  Next, I will be getting rid of my weights, bars and bench.  My goal is to have my basement office pretty much empty of everything except my desk, chair and a few other things within a month. 

Past that, everything else is going well.  Annie is doing great in school.  Asia is doing great and is learning so much still.  Melissa is loving her new job... it's all good.  As for me, just training for JFK, and my diet is good, not losing a lot of weight but not gaining either so I will take that.  The best part is that I have just been able to modulate my intake quite a lot this fall, not just quantity but the quality of what I am eating too.

So not much really happening on the surface but a lot of stuff in the background the past few weeks and that is what has been consuming a lot of my cycles and why I haven't actually written much. 

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