Friday, September 6, 2013

End of Summer Heat

Sept. 9, 2003.  Doubt it will be like this up there anytime soon.  This was my old camp at 11K.
I hate it.  The past two years I have skipped out on the fall archery elk seasons mostly because I don't have the drive to go.  Each year I struggle with wanting to be in the high country chasing elk but the past two years, especially this year I am thankful that I am not up there just due to the heat.

Call it global warming, call it climate change or shift but it does exist.  20 years ago I would be up in my camp and when I would get up in the morning it would typically be in the upper teens to lower 20's, every morning.  The last few seasons I spent up there the night time temps rarely dipped into the mid 30's.

The heat causes a tiny window of hunting in the morning and even less of one in the evenings as the elk will not even think about moving until the very last minutes of light.  They hole up all day on cool northeast facing slopes in steep, dark timber and there is no way you can even get close them in those areas.  Too many downed trees to navigate and if they don't smell you because of the updrafts from the heat, they will certainly hear you a mile off.  The heat has definitely changed how the elk behave too.  They aren't as visible and definitely not as vocal.

I wish I were up there but I know it would not be an optimum situation.  I did hear recently that due to the weather changes, the CO DOW is considering starting the seasons later.  That might help... anyway...  I still have an itch to get a tag and mess around in the GMU east and north of Aspen while I am up there.  In reality it is just "over the hill" from my old hunting grounds.  Being out there and getting to hear one bull bugle would be a blast... getting to call one in even more sweet.

I am over this heat though.  I didn't get to run until nearly seven last night and had cooled off to 84 and was 76 when I was done.  Didn't walk Asia until after midnight when it was a comfortable 66.  Probably end up doing the same tonight pretty much. Running errand at lunch it felt like Mexico hot, just without the benefit of any damned water to hop into.

I had some time last night to hammer out a plan to start getting ready for the JFK 50 which if I start on Monday I have eleven weeks to train for.  Better get at it I guess. 

6x6 Bull Elk 2008

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