Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halfway Through Week Six Post LT100

I've said it at least a 1000 times but it takes me a solid seven weeks to get "right" after running a 100 mile race.  Yes I am up and functioning in a week usually but for seven weeks I just never feel like myself.  This year is proving to follow that rule without exception.

I did five miles today.  I was supposed to do ten but time was the gating factor. I'll just do the ten tomorrow in Aspen, no biggie.  But when I was running I did the math and figured out that I am halfway through week six so hopefully in another week and a half I will be back to normal.

It is funny when it happens too.  One day it is like switch gets thrown and I feel great again.  I also realize just how crappy I felt in the previous weeks in comparison.  What I find even more funny is that after a hard 50 miler, I can feel okay too but the following week to ten days I can just be tired.  Just tired like I could nap all the time.  After a 100 it's pretty much the same but lasts about five times as long.

Got new handlebars for the Cannondale today.  They are swept upwards and feel a lot better than the previous flat bars I had on there.  The other bars had a crack in them too so it had to be done.  I am going to put a different saddle on it that is identical to the one I have on the Trek.  The stock seat on that Lefty just does not work for me.  Anyway, taking it up to Aspen and am hoping for a long ride on Sunday.  Up Summer Road then south to Taylor Pass and back.  I expect Summer Road to be quite the challenge, both ways.  I want to get that bike dialed in 100% so that if I do decide to do any bike racing next summer I can be perfectly comfortable on it.

Got tickets to go back to Maryland in November for the JFK 50 and to be home for the week.  I am looking forward to the trip.

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  1. If I ran 100 miles, it'd take me 8 years to recover. I think you're doing great!!

    I was up in altitude this week running, after not being up there since PPM - I thought my lungs were going to explode. Man, we can lose it so quickly! Your bi-monthly trips up high are going to keep you fit and strong!