Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I actually got out to run today in the middle of the afternoon while it was still warm and sunny.  What a treat!  Last Friday night's run and Sunday's run were not all that pleasant in terms of weather.  Anyway, it was a good hour and twenty minute run and I kept my average heart rate right at 137 BPM.  Most of the run it was intuitive but there were parts where I peeked at the HRM on hills up and down to double check what was going on.

The Paleo adjustment is going well this week and I would have to say that all around today has been my best day yet.  I am not missing soda's at all and I am not feeling hungry all of the time as much anymore.  Feeling hungry or not is now a rather binary experience.... I am or I am not and if I am I eat... if I am not, I don't.  Pretty simple.

One small victory tonight... we dropped by the CRC Holiday Party but before doing that Melissa had to some things to take care of.  I was hungry so I took the time to clean up the kitchen some and I made myself an omelet with three eggs, tomato, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, ham,  and onion.  I also made myself about 20 oz of orange juice from the juicer and that was my dinner.  It was awesome and it kept me from feeling any hunger, or cravings or any sense of being deprived when we went to the party.  Pretty cool!  I will admit my weight has gone up a couple of pounds the past two days but I am not worried about it.  No way it can go up and stay up because it has to ultimately be dropping given the items that I have removed from my daily intake.

Tomorrow will be a 2 hour ride. I am not sure when I will fit it in exactly but  hopefully mid day again.  I have to take Roxy to the vet for an appointment at 14:45 so that will take up time too.

Roxy's holiday photo from December 2008.  One of my favorites of her.

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