Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Last Training Week of 2012

2012 is nearly over and what a year it has been.  Lots of success... and lots of losses to boot and really just overall a tough year.  Melissa did a good recap of it all on her blog here.

As shitty of a week that it turned out to be I still manged to get in some decent training volume.  I really can't quantify miles ran anymore like I used to do but the volume this week was 11:48:06 of training... 7:06:37 of riding and 4:41:29 of running.

Some nice squigly lines to admire.  This is the HR, elevation and speed from today's ride.
I registered for the Cheyenne Mountain Trail 50K on April 27th this evening to save some bucks before the price goes up. I think that will be my only running race between now and the Leadville Marathon on June 29th.  I am considering not doing either of the the Salida races this year for various reasons but that is subject to change.

Day off tomorrow but then I kick off 2013 with a two hour run on Tuesday and I am looking forward to it.  Happy New Year everyone! 

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