Monday, December 17, 2012

Colonel Reginald Buford Beauregard

Colonel Reginald Buford Beauregard
I have given Reggie a new full name for the rest of his time here while we are fostering him.  Don't ask me how I came up with it.  He is a great dog.  Free (Sorta) to a good home.  I weighed him the other night and he was 80.2 pounds and damned heavy compared to his 70 pounds when he got here three weeks ago. 

Today is an off day so resting.  Which also means I am bored.  I will run tomorrow which is a switch up as Tuesday have been riding days.

I realized yesterday that I am going on vacation next weekend for a few days.  It isn't that I forgot but I just didn't understand the time was quickly coming up.  We are going to Leadville for four days and hope to be skiing as Ski Cooper opens on the 21st.  Should be fun.  I hope to do some other back country skiing when I am up there as a distraction.  It would be cool to get a lot of snow and just ski around town from establishment to establishment.

And now for the not so great news that I was holding back on.  I won't go into the entire story but last week Roxy was acting really strange.  More strange than usual.  It took about a day to figure out what was going on which is that she is going blind.  The good news is that when we were at the vet's office on Thursday we were able to rule out a stroke.  She is still her happy goofy self but she just can't see for squat. She has an appointment on Wednesday at 12:30 with an eye doctor to see what we can do but it looks like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and there really is not a cure.  Fortunately she still has some limited vision so while she loses the rest of her vision her other senses will hopefully compensate and she will still be able to get around the house some.  Just as long as we don't rearrange the furniture all the time she should be able to form a solid map of the house in her mind.

Roxy, fall of 2005 when she was just a little over two years old.
The interesting thing about the situation is that her vision deteriorated quite rapidly and left her rather upset and freaked out last Wednesday and Reggie took notice of that and was constantly next to her keeping her company if he could and watching out for her.  Pretty neat.   Animals just know things.

Just under 27 weeks till the Leadville Marathon and then after that it is game on for seven weeks of racing and recovering.  27 weeks is not that long at all.  Wow.

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