Sunday, April 3, 2011

93.5 For the Week. Holy Cow

Just popped a 90+ mile week which I really wasn't expecting to do. Right now, 70-80 max is the most I really need to be doing to accomplish what I want. But I did 93.5 this week and feel pretty good. The last two days were killer runs, 23 miles each, same course just different directions with lots, and lots of elevation gain and loss.

Feeling pretty good right now physically. My feet feel fatigued but that's really about it. I know that I've kept a decent base through the winter but the past two days have done wonders for my mountain/trail running confidence. Absolute wonders.

This was today's run... same as yesterday like I said, just the other direction.

Training Peaks

Hoping for a moderate week this week then I plan to taper the following leading up to the Desert Rats 50. Hoping for some good things to happen there in a couple of weeks.

Picked up a new pair of Crosslites. Love those shoes. I put about 400 miles I figure on my last pair and they have hardly any tread left! I'll start breaking those in this week. :)

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