Tuesday, April 12, 2011

70 Miles Last Week

In all fairness, last week went as planned... my goal mileage was 70 miles and I hit that. While my mileage was what I planned it was not what I expected which was more like 81. The week before a 50 mile race it is splitting hairs I guess and really, just doing the 70 was sufficient for a "taper week."

But last week sort of illustrated why I train the way that I have been lately which is to load up early in the week and early in the month to get a hop on my mileage because you never know what is going to pop up and possibly derail things. In the case of this past Sunday it was the horrible wind ripping out of the NW that I just could not mentally force myself to go out and face. So my longer run which was planned turned into a shorter one later that night (too late) in calmer breezes.

I won't get started on the wind but geez... every year it seems to get worse and worse. It's too dry and too windy. There... I'll stop now.

I did have an amazing 20 mile run last Thursday. 2:50:52. Now I know that in the big scheme of things that isn't blistering fast but for me that's a great pace. I'm not going to lie. It fucking hurt. Bad. It will be a long time before I try to run that far that fast again. If I progress there naturally, great... but I'm not going to let another one rip like that because as I said, it just hurt.

Looking forward to the race in Fruita this weekend. My right hip is hurting me and I hope that it settles down. It is the same issue I was having earlier in the year that seemed to mostly go away once I quit wearing the Fireblades. Well, Friday and Saturday I wore the Fireblades again and guess what? My butt hurts again.... so... back to the crosslites and MT101's. I don't think this is bad and I am confident it will be okay for the race this weekend. The weather is going to be great I think.

My plan for this week is as follows... Mon 7, Tues 10, Wed 3, Thurs 5, Friday 1-0, Sat 50, and if I am still feeling great I might run the Desert Rats 13.1 on Sunday. Maybe.

Of course I am off of work this week and taking it easy too. I am so thankful to get this break! :)