Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On Second Thought

I have been keenly aware of my lack of interest in training and going to Silverton this summer for the Hardrock 100. Keenly aware.

But sometimes I can be full of shit and even fool myself...

Yesterday when I was riding the spinning bike at the ARC, I started counting up all of my riding hours these past few weeks. And I am now at a point where I can follow up a two hour plus ride with some easy miles on the treadmill as I am still rehabbing this injury...

So when I got home yesterday, I looked at the past month or so on Training Peaks and for someone who is not really wanting to a race or train - I certainly am acting like someone who does...

I do not have any interest in running outside right now so much although I do plan to begin that next week. Snow and lots of ice, mostly ice being the reason. We have about another two weeks historically here in Aspen before winter tends to loosen it's grip so until then, yeah, mostly indoor workouts mostly for safety's sake... But as long as I keep pushing the volume that I have been I will be more than okay...

Theoretically, I can go into this February, even post-injury, stronger than last February as I lost the last week of last January to a combination of a cold and the X-Games.

But anyway, a neat insight into where my head may or may not be when it comes to Hardrock.

Judging by my words and general disposition about it, yeah... no investment. But I always say, "when in doubt, watch what person DOES instead of what they SAY, because the truth is always in the action, not the words."

So yeah, I am in it now... and to honest, I feel a little flicker of actual excitement for once! And not just for Hardrock - Super Excited to go to Salida in March.

I think that I just needed to get off of the mountain and get back into my life full time and because I am now... things are truly looking up. 

Post Script Edit - And I've been dieting rather consciously these past few weeks as well and really getting things dialed in this week, so that also shows my level of investment, even if I had not truly realized it. 

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