Sunday, September 6, 2015

Training is Done

Running up Maroon Creek Trail early this morning.
So even though this was my first week of tapering, I am officially calling today the end of my training for Run Rabbit Run 100 in less than two weeks.

More by accident than design... I've logged 310 miles the past four weeks. 80, 100, 80, and 50. This week would have been 60 but I gave up a day (In the end I am sure it did more good than harm! ) to volunteer for the Grand Traverse run yesterday.

When I designed and planned everything out in the beginning of July, I knew what the mileage for each week would be and I had a specific plan in place for what I wanted the end results of each week to be... The "accident" if you will which isn't anything horrible, is just I never added up the total to see what the overall volume of these past four weeks would have been.

I hit some low points the past three weeks but there was never a point that I felt I could not bounce back. Everything proved out rather solid last Tuesday morning on the track anyway... the speed and the strength is definitely there, but so was the fatigue which is evident in my low HR that last hard two mile segment.

This week is a light 30 mile week to start unloading fatigue and there is a fair share of that to get rid of. But all in all I am confident for my preparation this summer for this race.

Goals... Eh... I can't say I have one for certain... Finish it... just run the damned thing the best I can... come in under 29:43 and get another big buckle and beat last years time... anything more than that and I will be pretty happy. I've thrown some numbers around in my head but then I consider the course and the distance of that course and I think there are just too many variables to get any expectations dialed in with any great precision. 

Pretty excited to get up to Steamboat. The trees are starting to change here in Aspen this week but just a little bit and I am guessing since RRR100 is a week later this year we will see a lot more color in the run.

Regardless, I just plan to have fun and enjoy it all. :) 

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