Sunday, February 15, 2015

Putting Another Big Log On The Fire

Another awesome week of running and training in the books. I had to structure the week a little differently due to Wednesday's trip to the Front Range. But even with that, I was still able to cobble together a really solid week of running.

Monday - Mandatory rest day like normal.

Tuesday - 20 Miles - 3:25 - Ran east of town 5 miles or so then headed back to catch the RG Trail down to the Stein Bridge, up to ABC, then east to Cemetery, back down to RG trail, and finished up at the Post Office.

Wednesday - Off Day - A very profitable day money-wise and worth it but the sixteen hour round trip which consisted of ten hours of driving did a number on me.

Thursday - 17.5 Miles - 3:11 -  The day started out rough as I was thoroughly wrung out from Wednesday. Got a late start out with the intention of trying to nail another 20 miler but I just could not commit. Ran down the RG to Jaffe Park and then up to RFTA Lot. Crossed 82 and ran to Snowmass then up and over Owl Creek Road to Buttermilk. Buttermilk was right at 15 miles and I was pretty damned certain that I was going to bail and catch the bus home from there but somehow I sweet talked myself into limping it on home. It would have been twenty if I went down Cemetery and caught the RG Trail but I just could not make myself do it. I just had to live with the 17.5 miles for the day and call it good.

Friday - 5 Miles - 47:57 - Easy five mile shakeout run with my friend Chris. My heart rate for both Tuesday and Thursday's run seemed a little elevated so I really wanted to take it easy on this one to see if things were still out of whack but on this run everything seemed to be right on. It was a super warm and nice day.

Saturday - 21 Miles - 3:34 - I wanted to get in 20 miles and have a fun run so if there was some goof off time in there (which there was) that would be fine. My friend Jeff joined me for this one and it turned out to be just an awesome run. We ran parts of the RG Trail and then up towards the bells and back. I even pushed it for 3/4 of the last mile to give myself a taste of what speed training will feel like again next week. You know, get familiar with that flavor of discomfort. It felt like my best long run of the year so far.

Sunday - 10 Miles - 1:58 - I really did not have much of a clue how this run was going to go or what I wanted to do exactly. Anywhere between five and ten was the goal. Ended up running up Smuggler, up to the second overlook, back down to the first overlook, ran over to Hunter Creek, and then up Hunter Creek Road a bit before heading back down the road all the way into town.  The weather was moving in but I was still comfortable in shorts.

73.5 Miles for the week. 12:57:37 for time. And 8821 feet in gain. All runs were ran at MAF effort or as best as I could.

It is nice to be running again on a regular basis and putting down some good volume. I still don't have any clue as to what my results will be from all of this but I am happy with the way things are going. It is nice to just be focusing on running again and that is what I really want to do this year. Not so much to get faster, or to get PR's, even though that would be nice, but more so just to get back to the purity of running. It is hard to explain and even harder for me to put into words.

It is also about running and having that fun/adventure element present. Like today's run for instance. I could have run some really straight forward stuff and kept it simple but instead I veered off and went on some trails that I had no idea what condition they would be in.

This past month has been spent 100% on rebuilding a base. This week week I plan on introducing some intensity to the week. Tuesday will include hill repeats and Thursday will be a progression run of sorts. The exact details I haven't figured out yet but the other days will be MAF/volume focused. I can't decide if I want to shoot for 50 or 60 for the week either.

New Hokas are inbound. The pair I am wearing I have been wearing since Oct 23. They have 519 miles on them and it is really starting to show. I got a pair of Stinson ATR's like I always wear but I also ordered a pair of the Mafate Speed's and am excited to try those out.

Four weeks and six days to Mexico... :)

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