Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Might Be Back...

Maroon Bells. Sunday Morning.
This week was huge. To say it went "well" would be a gross understatement...

I wanted to run last Sunday but didn't because I was beat after driving home. Since Sunday then became a "rest day" I decided to start the running week on Monday.  Here is the breakdown:

Monday - 9 Miles - 1:42 - Ran up to Hunter Creek Valley and poked around up there a bit. A lot of climbing.

Tuesday - 12 Miles - 1:51 - Ran up 82 to the winter closure gate and back. Had a good pace out to Difficult Campground but then really slowed when the hill got steeper. Really fast (for me) on the down and the way back to town.

Wednesday - 9 Miles - 1:25 - Ran down the Rio Grande (Rio Grind) trail, up Cemetery, and up Maroon Creek Road before turning around and heading back.

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - 30 Miles - 5:26 - Ran down the Rio Grande to Stein Trail then up behind the ABC to 82. Ran up to Cemetery then back over to Maroon Creek Road. Up Maroon Creek Road past the T Lazy 7 ranch a bit then back home via Maroon Creek Road, Cemetery and back up Rio Grande. 19.3 Miles.  Phase 2, from the apartment up 82 past Difficult Creek Campground and back to the apartment.

Saturday - Rest Day

Sunday - 12 Miles - 2:24 (12 Minutes were just hanging out at Maroon Lake) - Ran from the T Lazy 7 Ranch up Maroon Creek Road to Maroon Lake, took some pictures and headed back down. My buddy Jeff M went up with me this morning. It was sunny and the sky was cloudless.

72 Miles for the week. 12:50:42 for time. And 8315 feet in gain. All runs were ran at MAF effort.

The thirty miler was the crux of the week for me and that is my first run of that distance since I don't know when.  September, I guess. The first 20 were okay, but "the money" is always in the last ten of a thirty miler. I felt it, and the last two miles were a shit-show of a comedy for anyone who saw me, I am sure. 

The awesome thing about it all is that I feel great! I am not going to push my luck though, tomorrow will be a rest day and I intend to observe it and keep it holy.

Another huge milestone this week... I won't go into the where's and why fors but I made a commitment to myself in November to really amp up my writing on to build content. My first major goal was to hit 100 posts (hopefully solid articles) on February 8th. I only had 22 when I started this venture in November in earnest. I am happy to say that the article, Control Your Monkeys, was number 100 and I hit that two days early on February 6th. The same day that I did the 30 miler so it was a double bonus day for me for getting things done.

Headed to Colorado Springs this Wednesday. It will be a there and back kind of day. I am not looking forward to going but some things have to get done and well... It will just be better when it is over.