Monday, November 11, 2013

That Boy Ain't Right (Still)

If you are going to bail on a run, this is as good of a place as any!  The infamous Woody Creek Tavern.
Thursday's tempo run was awesome.  Saturday's run went exceptionally well too.   Sunday the wheels came off again about halfway into my long run.  WTF?

On Sunday things started off rough and just never got any better.  I gave myself a generous two miles to warm up and take it easy then kicked it up a notch after that.  The "after that" felt just as challenging as the warmup.  Even more strange was that my handhelds which I usually never notice felt like they weighed 20 pounds apiece.  Stopped after an hour or so, had some MAP a gel and drank some and started running again but quickly decided to call it a day after that.  Came home and took a two  hour nap which isn't like me at all.

To add injury to insult... something tweaked in my left foot on Saturday during my run.  It didn't really hurt running on Sunday but if I am walking around barefooted it really smarts in the ball of my foot behind my big toe.

All of this is REALLY making miss the training and riding on the bike.  Seriously... screw any other long running races for awhile... let me get into the LT100 MTB next year and give my body a respite from all of the pounding for a season and just train for that.  At least that is where my head is at right now.

But even with the running sucking we still had an awesome weekend.  The fund raiser on Friday night was a blast and our room at the St. Regis was truly something to experience.  Saturday night we went out and Melissa and I played a really tough couple of games of dominoes.  She won but it wasn't a complete shutout.

Last night we saw Thor.  Well Melissa saw Thor.  I ate popcorn, drank a large coke and had some candy bars.  I will say that the evil elves cracked me up as they all looked like Teletubbies to me.

So a day off today.  Maybe a day off tomorrow.  I need to let this foot thing figure itself out.  Already planning on a long, maybe month long break from running once this JFK thing is over with.  I can't remember ever training for a race and being so out of it as I have for this one.

In other news... Melissa and I had a long talk about the current living/commuting situation and we have come to the conclusion that one way or the other I will be living here full time by June 1st.  RIF (layoff) or not, I am putting the house and cottage on the market in March.  That means I plan to resign from Verizon unless something else happens in mid May.  It is nice to have a date for that on the calendar now. 


  1. Good news on the homefront; maybe just knowing an actual date will help revive the long run juices. You've had a really tough year - it's pretty common to be in a slump right now. At least that's the excuse I'm going with.

  2. Maybe you should make your moving date May 26th;0!!! So glad you guys are going to be in Aspen. Sounds like a sound plan to me to take a break, I am just starting to get the urge to really train again. My brain and body feel rejuvenated:) Miss you guys.