Friday, November 15, 2013

Nguyen Wooten

Uncle Ho!
Reclaiming an old nickname from decades past as Sherpa (Where did the post go?) is so over used now.  If you want to use it you will have lawsuits from me and about 90% of the Vietnamese population raining down on your head.

And no, I won't divulge the original source or cause of the nickname so don't ask.

JT said it and I agree.  All of this ultrarunning drama has made it an interesting post-season.  Personally I have always believed that ultrarunners can be quite the snarky bunch when given a chance.  The attitudes typically flare it seems during tapers right before a big race but this stuff this fall with Leadville, Hardrock, et al, is just something else entirely.

I will say that personally I am becoming less enchanted with ultrarunning (and ultrarunners) with each day it seems.  Even though the ultraruning sport is not mainstream it is really starting to feel like whitewater kayaking started to in the late 90's when every schmoe from the front range would buy the latest play boat and just suck up time in the holes and not really ever learn the art of going downriver.  It was cool until it was cool then it wasn't cool anymore.  Yup... I see the parallels.

Aspen mountain is opening early this weekend and Aspen is going to get nailed with a storm starting later today.  Of course I am super jealous because I am stuck here in the Springs where the forecast is pretty much windy with a 100% chance of dull and brown.  Melissa will be skiing and I will be doing my own version of the slalom, dodging the homeless in Monument Valley Park on my runs this weekend.

Bitching about other things now... South Park has really sucked this season.  Bad.  It's almost like Matt and Trey have thrown in the towel but this past Wednesday night's episode was really good.  I hope they have a second part this coming week.

Kiki floated the idea of Silver King to me the other day.  Depending how things pan out, or not, I will more than likely do the Silver Rush 50 MTB this summer.  Might just make it a double.  We'll see.

In other good news... I am going to spend the last three weeks of the year in Aspen and won't be in the springs.  Now that is something to look forward to! 

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