Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling more normal'ish, sorta...

Yesterday was just absolute misery.  No way could I have made it through the day (and part of last night for that matter) without dosing up on the hydrocodone a few times.  As bad as the pain was the overall numb/dead feeling from the meds was worse.  Not a fun trip.

Today is a lot better.  I woke up early on my own this morning and I have not taken any pain meds and I have been eating like crazy and I sort of have my sense of humor back so it must be getting better.

I get to stretch out on an easy short bike ride today and then a longer one tomorrow.  Saturday I am definitely doing the Venable-Comanche Loop at least 2x and not so sure on Sunday yet.  I am sure it will be a long day up on the peak.

Less than 2.5 weeks until the LT100 MTB... yeah, trying to get my head around THAT one now!  :)

Here is a nice video of someone descending the power lines last year.  I am not nearly as worried about this section a I once was however, I doubt seriously that I will be passing anybody on the downhill like this guy did.  The few seconds gained are not worth the risk and that time can be much easier made up on the flats.  It will still be a long stressful three to five minutes for me until I get to the bottom though.  Can't wait!

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