Friday, September 9, 2011


Summer is ending and one needs no more proof than the rain and cooler temps of the past week. Of course this time of year when the hours of sunlight decrease and the leaves change color and everything begins to turn brown is always a tough transition for me. I reckon that I tend to want to hang on to the days of summer just as I attempt to still hang on to the days of my misspent youth.

Anyway... life happens and moves on regardless so keeping that in mind I have been busy. Mostly I have been refocusing my life as I do every fall, figuring out what I want to do with the rest of the year and also looking forward to next year's running season.

For this fall I intend to run the PPRR Fall Series and some other 5K's and just try to work on speed while still enjoying the shorter and faster trail runs. I've doped out next year's running schedule and it is full. The only two months that I might not race will be May (due to the wedding) and July. However, I could end up running in July as I did submit my Hardrock 100 Lottery Application yesterday. We will see.

I got in some miles last week and this week even more. I am not sure where I will end this week mileage wise but it will be at least 60 miles I am sure. My post LT100 has been nothing short of miraculous I think.

Currently working on getting one small "project" done and once that is completed (I hope to hear back from the contractor today) I can start focusing on getting the cottage squared away to rent out. It is a nice addition to the income having that rented and I took it in the shorts keeping it vacant this month but damn it has been nice not having that last set of tenants back there. They weren't really BAD renters but they were a far cry from good renters all the same and pretty much the entire time they lived there the energy from the cottage was just weird. They were weird... anyway.... that reminds me that I still need to have Melissa go over there and burn some sage! :)

Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy the nice weekend weather while we still have it!

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  1. Congrats on LT100. Sounds like a good last minute decision to run, although not much of a taper. Enjoyed reading your report.