Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I need to start writing again but there just isn't much to write about. I have been running a lot the past couple of weeks but without much structure. I am having decent mileage weeks and getting in some good runs but without any imminent race or goal it is all rather aimless.

Hilites of the past two weeks include a new 20 mile mountain course that I have put together for training runs and a new 20 mile flat PR this past Sunday of 2:39:27. Other than that I have just been trying to make each run count and have some quality to my miles.

I've put together a loose race schedule for next year but last week I also sent my application for the Hardrock 100 lottery in. The lottery is in December this year and since it is earlier once the drawing is done then I can really firm up the rest of the year. We will see. I am not holding my breath.

Asia has been going on runs every day with me just about. Some days I take her on a separate run, just her, some days I come back shorting my own run and finish with her. She really loves running it seems and it is fun having her with me. She gets a day off tomorrow though... :)

I still need to register for the fall series and I will do that sometime this week. I think this year it will go much better for me than last.

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