Monday, August 22, 2011

Wow... First of all... A Thank You...

I am still processing my Leadville Trail 100 run from this past weekend and as of yet I have no idea on how to even begin to write about it. I am not sure where to start and where to end and I want to write it out and not just regurgitate another mile by mile race report. That being said I want to first try to say thank you to everyone involved in getting me to the start line and then to the finish line.

So a huge thank you to everyone listed below. There is no way that I could have pulled this off without you all.

1. LT100 Race committee first of all for allowing me to register and even run the race.
2. Melissa who was supportive and did not try to "cut me" when I told her that I thought I might get in and run it. She managed all of the crewing functions and secured a rock solid team of pacers for me from Winfield all the way to the finish.
3. Annie, my daughter... She came up and crewed as well. It was a joy having her there.
4. Brooks who when I bounced the idea off of him to do the race or not (the Tuesday before), who excitedly and unequivocally told me to go for it.
5. My cousin John whom I was originally slated to pace. He had an AWESOME and inspiring sub-25 run which only excites and motivates me to go for it next year. Meeting him this year, talking about racing and running with him definitely reignited and renewed my own enthusiasm for the sport.
6. Bob and Tobi for letting me crash at their place up in Pb. Watching the dogs for them that week and running and playing up at that altitude for a week I am sure helped tons.
7. My pacers... Denny... What a great pacer. He took on the stretches from Win to TL then from MQ to the finish... We tore up the return trip over Hope Pass at a pace that I am still marveling over. Shawn who was SOLID the entire way from TL to Fish... He pushed hard and was unwavering in regards to keeping moving at a brisk pace. A great pacer who pushed me when I really needed it. Patrick... He was very patient on the trip up and over Sugarloaf which I was not looking forward to at all. This was where the pain really began and he rode it out with me. I still can't believe he did it in SANDALS! Denny again... awesome in the last stretch as he was dedicated to get me home. He got to see the damage and carnage as it was happening there at the end first hand. The three best pacers that I could have hoped for on this trip.
8. Coach Weber who was there and said some choice words to me (all meant in a good way of course.) Seriously... If it weren't from him I'd never gotten as far as I have in this sport. Surprise!
9. To all of my friends who were there at the race, running and or spectating, or pacing... seeing everyone truly inspires me to keep going.
10. And lastly... to myself for all of the hard work that I have put in this year... for having the courage to go to the line this year and for having what it took to drag my butt across the finish for a second time.

I will write more later... it may be this week or next but I will follow up with a more conclusive writeup as it was quite the adventure.

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  1. Once again, congrats on getting it done out there. And they way you did it. I had to anally plot for a year...Andy...let's do this!