Monday, August 1, 2011

And There Goes July

Wow... I can not believe that July is already over. This year is flying by. July was a big month. We went camping. Melissa and I were engaged on July 1st. My parents came out for a visit and I ran the Silver Rush 50. Asia has been going to puppy school still, Melissa had a yard sale and that was a huge success. We have also had the chance to actually get out and do things the past two weekends and have some fun.

Work, that's another issue. Strong suspicion that the unions will strike back east this weekend and that will force my team to go to a 6x12 schedule for the duration of the strike. If that happens my training for the BEAR 100 is at risk, pacing my cousin John could be at risk, archery elk season could not happen and also even going to run the Bear 100 the last weekend of September. Not to mention that working 12 hours days is just fucking hard... 12 hours of work then you have about four hours for personal time then sleep for eight, repeat. It is bad enough on a rotating three on, four off, four on, three off schedule, but six days straight is going to be brutal. Bonus... they haven't mentioned it yet but they could even throw us on shifts... I am still in denial and keeping my head in the sand about this one and just hoping the strike does not happen.

Had a good week running last week. Wednesday was my first really good run after the Silver Rush 50. I did 70.33 miles last week and my total of miles for July was 216. Considering days lost to being sick and some weather I will take it. 200 - 250 was my goal for July so I am happy. 1722 for the year total so far. I will have some more big months but I am going to hit my goal of 2500 for the year easily and might even get closer to 3000.

Going to try to do another 70+ week this week. It might be hard to squeeze in but I will get it done. Soon I will be doing 80+ and more hopefully!

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