Friday, March 11, 2011

Generic Update

Just writing a quick update regarding things that have been happening. Nothing major to report which is sort of good in a way for once.

Surpassed my mileage goal for February with 229 miles for the month. 200 was my goal so I am pleased with those numbers.

Last week I registered for the Bear 100 Mile Race which is this September. The races starts in Utah and goes into Idaho. A few people said it was a great 100 miler so I am taking their word for it. Sounds low key which should make it more fun I think.

I have moved up from number 42 on the HR100 runners waitlist to 37 this past month. If this trend continues, I will be number 22 on the waitlist the morning of the start of the race, July 8. Bummer.

Picked up a new pair of the New Balance Minimus Trail shoes today. Can't wait to take them for a short spin tonight. At this point I think they are very similar in feel to my MT101's.

Lastly, running the Salida half marathon tomorrow. I am thinking my time should be around 1:40 - 1:50, especially if I run as well as I did last night. I am not sure what race will be next... either Desert Rats 50 miler or Greenland 50K. For certain Jemez on May 21st.

Have a great weekend!

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