Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Days

At this time of the year good days running are just rare but when they happen they are borderline miraculous events. Good days happen typically when the weather is just so... the sun is out, the wind isn't blowing and though it is not warm out, the temperature is still comfortable in a way.

The physical aspect of a good day happens when the body just does everything with what seems like an overall greater ease in running. The legs feel stronger and faster, the breathing is less labored and the heart rate stays "just right." On a good day it feels like you can run faster than ever and maintain that pace forever. Like I said, borderline miraculous.

The greatest thing for me when a good day happens running, like today, is that it completely frees my mind to dream, scheme and contemplate feats that seem otherwise impossible most other days. In other words, everything feels so great that the delusions of grandeur run rampant. But hey, isn't that all part of the fun?

Today was just awesome and I am so grateful... probably the easiest nine mile day in awhile. As I was running my thoughts were indeed able to float off to bigger and better things...

Having a great race at the Jemez 50 in May... Crushing my old time in the San Juan Solstice next year... Probably not running Hardrock but again getting PR's at both the Leadville Marathon and 50 miler in July. The most grand and fun delusion and dream of the day though was to have the speed, the health, and everything else to grab that Big Buckle in August... Yeah... sub 25 in Pb... Only if.

I love it when I have good days. :)

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