Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Week

I am about to close my second 50 mile week in a row tomorrow. Just a short run and I am there. Thankfully too, because after today's outing I felt like I was on the wrong side of a prison rape scene. Okay it wasn't that bad but miles 0-5 were okay... miles 5-10 SUCKED, but then I came back and had a good run the last five or so. Actually got in 22.5 miles today.

I'm disappointed with the Western States 100 drawing. Only six runners got in from Colorado and nobody that I really know at that. I guess the next big drawing to watch will be the Hardrock 100 drawing the first weekend of February. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

So tomorrow, a short run, lifts some weights then I am going out to do my biggest and bravest outing of the year yet. Yup, I'm going to mall to go get my holiday shopping done. I will be armed with lists and a solid plan in place to get me in and out with little to no effort and then I will hopefully be done.

Annie had her first swim meet of the season this past week and she did awesome. I just can not express how much of a pleasure it is to see her do something she loves enjoys and also does so well. It is a magical experience almost to see your child thrive in "their element."

Finished reading a neat book last night, Once a runner. It was okay and I enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it to any non-runners but there are some points in the book regarding runners that is so true. Next I think that I am going to read Meditations from the Breakdown Lane.

Not much else to report. Life has settled down into a nice little routine for the most part for the first time really in months. It is very nice.

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