Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I'm Back!

Officially I will say that it took seven weeks for me to "come back" after the Leadville 100. Seven full weeks. It was not until last weekend and earlier this week that my runs started feeling faster and I've even been lifting again and that is even feeling good too.

Seven weeks.

I didn't just sit still all that time either. I kept trying get going but I never could find a rhythm, a pace, or anything that felt decent. I could have a nice run one day and the next would just blow. All my joints hurt most of the time... even my hands. It was sort of like having a flu for a long time. All of the aches and pains also made me contemplate and sort of consider the fact that maybe I am feeling like crap because I am older? Maybe...

But things are better now. A good week of running. Some impressive times (for me) and I am feeling great. I feel more solid and intact. I know that is a weird way to describe it but that is how I feel.

Running in the new New Balance MT101's for two weeks now and for the most part I really like them. My only complaint is that they seem to be a touch larger than my MT100's fit-wise. I might go down a half a size and see how they work. Regardless it is nice to be running in a shoe that let's ME run the way my body wants to run (mid-forefoot strike) as opposed to all of the other shoes and stuff over the years that didn't work with me or for me.

I'll never go to barefoot running or wear those damn VFF's... but I am really digging this minimalist shoe design. Now if they could only make them in GTX.

Fall running is turning out to be fun. Two races down in the fall series so far. I am running a part of the AT next week in MD and when I come back I am running a 5K with Melissa. She has been working really hard for this one and I am excited to run it with her and take pictures. Then the day after that is race three of the fall series for me.

Right now my goals are to increase speed, increase strength, and god willing, drop a few pounds in the process. Short term, that looks like a sub 6:30 mile and being able to bench 225 again. Weight... I don't know... If I lost 8 lbs I'd be happy.

So really all in all, things are good. :)

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