Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There are no Guarantees...

Four more days till the big day. As a matter of fact at this time in four days my ass had better be damned near to the top of Hope Pass. Preferably on the other side.

I'm stressed. I feel like I am in a pressure cooker with an 80 lb pack on my back. The taper is going well now, physically at least. Little to no soreness to report and I can tell that my energy level is increasing. But the stress, the anxiety, the nervousness... that is becoming difficult to manage.

There is no doubt that I am ready. My crew is in place. The plans are set. Bags are mostly packed. I'm ready to get this underway. I've been looking at this for nearly a year since my DNF last year... even longer before that. I am ready to do this.

Gear is good, my crew is top notch I have a great pacer and I am in the best shape I can be in heading into this. Be that as it may there are still no guarantees of a finish but I put my chances WAY above the chances of many of the 780 registered runners for this race. I predict that come Saturday evening, there are going to be a lot of disenchanted, chia seed toting, five finger wearing, brokenhearted souls in Lake County. Just a guess. :)

I won't be one of them!


  1. Good luck and run hard!

    Can't wait to hear all the "but I can't possibly DNF - I read Born to Run" excuses out there...

  2. No kidding man... played with some of the math today... figure about 114 won't even show. (I used real math to figure that out) And I agree with your idea that there will be a record number of drops at MQ and FH. Can't wait to see how you and Brandon do. We will definitely have to get together after and enjoy some cigars and drinks.

  3. Andy: Good luck at Leadville! I hope to see you! Relentless forward progress....