Monday, August 9, 2010

Last of the Heavy Lifting

Ended up going up to Leadville for the weekend and getting in a couple of good runs up there. Saturday ran from Halmoon to Twin Lakes and back. Then on Sunday a brief jaunt around Twin Lakes.

Saturday's run was an eye opener. For starters it reminded me of how miserable I was on that section last year. Secondly it helped a bit to truly educate me on the nature of that section. It is way different than what I remembered it to be. It is probably a good thing that I ran it now so that I know exactly what to expect when I get there in less than two weeks on race day. It was a good refresher.

Sunday it was windy around Twin Lakes and since I am not a fan of running in the wind it made for a tough workout. It was a long 12 miles.

Easy week this week followed by and even easier week the following. I am really looking forward to the break and time off. I still can't believe that it is less than two weeks away.

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