Monday, October 3, 2016

Time To Chill

Running up the backside of Aspen Mountain last week.
I have yet to regain what feels like balance post Leadville 100 but I feel as if I am getting closer.

The third week after Leadville I really began to feel good again. And actually the Saturday, three weeks after, I felt AWESOME. My regular Wednesday morning running buddy and I went out and did a run that Saturday like our typical 12-14 mile Wednesday morning runs that we did all summer and I felt fantastic throughout the entire run.


But the week after that I paced at Run Rabbit Run and ran with my runner a solid on the nose 40 miles which put me back to square one it felt like in terms of recovery.

Started running again last Wednesday as it felt like it was time and I was trying to take my temperature to see if I really wanted to jump into a local 10K which was this past Saturday. Knocked the rust off... got the legs moving again and ended up probably running one of my best 10K's ever and even managed to take 3rd overall.

Looking to run a cross country 5K this coming weekend and am excited about that.

Wyatt wrote a little about what's next for him in terms of running in 2017... I am nowhere near ready to even try to define that yet for myself. Two races I am certain about (mostly) but Hardrock is the wild-card and will ultimately drive the bus for next season.

If I do not get into HR100 I will have to do a HR100 qualifier next year. As much as I love RRR100, after running it twice and pacing it twice, right now I do not think that I want to consider it for next year. The Mogollon Monster has always interested me since its inception a few years ago and that might provide me with some motivation as it is all new. Plus, I like running a 100 in September... it makes summer seem to last longer.

As for my big what's next question... I have found myself backed into a corner (in a good way) about another line of business. Everyone that I have talked to has loved the idea and even those whom I thought would be more "realistic" about it. Anyway, lots of work to get done and done quickly before I launch that hopefully by the end of October. I read something recently that said "Do It Pro From The Get Go" and this is my train of thought with the new venture...

I did 3000 pushups in September.  And I have to tell you, it was kind of hard... My goal for October is now 4000 and on top of that just keep/get my running to a point where I am just fit... Why all the pushups? Snowmaking begins on November 1st and my first shift will be on November 3rd... I want to be in shape for that.

Time to chill.... temps have officially dropped here in Aspen. Should have worn gloves during my mid-day run today... summer is officially over, at least here.


  1. Hey Andy: So funny that you're writing this because it perfectly describes where I was/am. I was feeling good about 3 weeks after Leadville and then those 10 hours on my feet at RRR (pacing) set me back big time as far as recovery. As you said, it was like going back to square one. Great post! I am thinking about the 3000 pushup challenge.


    1. Wyatt, do the pushups... seriously. It is nearly a total PITA but man I can tell you that it is so worth it. Just do them blocks at a time as many as you can or want to do and log them. After a month your upper body will probably feel better than it has in a very long time. I will send you my tracking sheet for October.

  2. Hi! I am so motivated by your consistency! I really love the idea of starting this pushup challenge and logging the results. I think I will start with a 3,000 goal which you have suggested. Hopefully I will be able to reach this number, even though it does seem a little too much for me.. Unfortunately, I am not in great as form as you are, but I am working on it.

  3. Congratulations on your great results! You have quite a busy schedule there. I wish I had the time and energy to run so many races in such a short time. You sound really motivated. Thanks for the inspiration!