Monday, February 29, 2016

And There Goes February :)

February turned out to be a solid month. Lots of weather issues to contend with the first two weeks of the month but things have been downright pleasant these past two weeks. My last three runs were in shorts which is AWESOME!

246 Total mile of running in 36:00 hours even of time with 21,310 feet of gain. (20 Actual Days of Running.) Note: It should have been 240 miles instead of 246 but I did a Thursday night group run with "the group" to be social and to let everyone know that I was still living here and alive. LOL!

Backing things off a little bit this week and even more so the week after as Salida gets closer. After looking at the new course I have thrown out any ideas of a PR since there is now more single track on the uphill (outbound) portion. It's a bummer but it's something that affects everyone the same so throwing "time" out the window it's going to be a battle for placement.

Life has thrown one of those cool and unexpected bonuses at me this past week... as it turns out, right after Salida (And I mean right after the race) I am hopping in the car with my Daughter Annie and we are going to CA for her Spring Break. We will be spending three days in Palm Springs, then off to Santa Barbara for three days before heading back to Colorado.

Looks like I am going to get to run some nice dry trails soon after all!

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