Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cold #2

It started the evening of the 1st with a couple of more than just clearing my airways coughs. Yesterday on the 2nd, as much as I did not want to believe it, I sneezed too many times and I could feel that weird scratchy sensation between the back of my sinuses and my throat.

We were supposed to go to Junction today but when I woke up and we discussed it the unified decision was to stay home. So now I am back in bed.

I can handle getting one cold a year. I sort of expect it, but two and in such close of a proximity in time? I blame Aspen 100%. I got sick last year over the holiday season and ended up doing it again this year. When you live in a town that has a capacity for 5-6,000 people and then the population ends up close to 30K for a week, you can bet some nasty bugs get imported here and just being out amongst the masses you are doomed to catch something.

Anyway, started popping the zinc yesterday and hope it helps. If it is just a head cold and does not get into my lungs again I will be ecstatic. But the flu is widespread here in the RFV right now so I can't rule that out either. I hate being sick.

I WAS having a good week training. Two trips up the front of Aspen Mountain, then another longer trip running from the house and up the back side. 5:37 in time, over 10K of climbing, 15 or so miles. With this cold, this training week is over.

For everyone who reads this and if you are interested, let me know if you would want to go to Moab the weekend of the 23rd of January.  I need to get out of here to someplace that might be warmer and less crowded and that is the perfect weekend to go as it is X-Games weekend here in Aspen.

No plans or structure for that weekend, I just want to get in some longer runs, relax, and have fun. I have not been to Moab since 1997 and I am scared to go back as I am sure it is NOT the same place we used to go to a few times a year back in the 90's. I wasn't planning on taking a bike but if I get into the 100 MTB via the lottery, I will probably take one.

I would at a minimum like to run the Slickrock trail. I've ridden it dozens of times and always wanted to run it for some reason but never have. So if I have a goal for that weekend, that would be it.

Kicking around the idea of the SJS 50 for some reason. I can't seem to find when they would do the lottery drawing though.

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