Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bears And The Most Boring Blog On The Internet

The truth isn't lost on me that I have been writing less and less lately in my blog.  For some time now I have been only writing about once a week and even then it hasn't been anything earth shattering or illuminating.  Mostly it's just regurgitating the numbers from training the previous week.  Hell, it's even boring me to read and write about it but it is my life right now.

Scaled WAAAAAY BACK on training this past week.  The three weeks preceding this past week really put me in a hole I think.  So this past week has been very conservative in both volume and effort and even with it being a recovery week, every workout was a challenge.

The funny thing is that I don't think it was the week before last that did me as it was the week before that one.  So the training week ending on the 18th was the one that knocked me down.  That week followed by the quick round trip to the Springs and then the training week after that is what finished the job.  Plus I have had some "structural" issues pop up the past two weeks.  So fatigue and some sketchy tendon issues have sort of plagued me this past week.  That being said, I still put in some good hours this past week.  They were just carefully planned hours.

May turned out to be a good month though.  71 hours and 49 minutes of training.  35:25 running for a total of 210 running miles for the month.  Then 36:24 on the bike for 310 miles of riding. The total vertical I am not sure of but it has to be way up there.

So... bears.  They are out now here in Aspen.  I have seen two very close and personal the past week and found a huge pile of scat just today.  They aren't aggressive and I have seen enough bears in the wild to not freak out so it is kind of just neat to see them when I do.  I would post the pics but they are less than impressive.  Sort of blobsquatch'ish.  Hopefully I can get some better photos this week.

One week and six days until the Marathon.  Just judging from the snow I am hitting around here, I just can't see the marathon happening on the standard course.  I am planning a trip recon to Leadville next weekend or next Monday to check things out for myself.

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