Friday, April 9, 2010

Plan A.5

Plan A.5, or A and half if you will. I don't think that Plan B is going to be necessary. Yesterday I had a great conversation with my coach and the future just looks a litter brighter and optimistic. The bottom line is this, on some days I can run without any issue, other days I can't. Whatever is going on is not consistent and while it is probably still healing, the running is not helping it.

But we know that I can still run some. I can walk without any issues at all so for the next week to keep or get my miles up to 50 miles for a week, the plan is to walk seven miles a day for the next seven days. So basically looking at this as training for the second half of the Leadville 100 course while at the same time allowing my left leg a little more time to rest without the stress of running. I'll be lifting a lot too.

I am super excited about this plan because it keeps me moving for one thing. It will allow me to get my mileage up without stressing the injury which is awesome. The downside is that it will take a lot of time to walk the miles every day but I think it will be fine. After last nights short running workout with the Incline Club, I also know that I still have a little strength and a little speed left to work with. Okay, maybe a little bit more than a little. ;)

Lastly the piece of evidence which gives me a lot of hope is that when I got hurt last year it cost me some time in the spring. After that injury healed I bounced back rather quickly. Looking at the time line from last year and where I am this year, I have a few weeks yet before I need be really concerned about making any drastic changes in plans. Those few weeks plus this 7x7 schedule I believe will be the silver bullet to get me out of this mess.

So for the next week, walk my ass off, lift a lot and then next Thursday test the leg and see how it does. I've got a good feeling about this, a really good feeling.

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