Saturday, June 13, 2009

Less Than a Week to go until Lake City.

Less than a week to go until the San Juan Solstice in Lake City. I am probably as ready as I'll ever be but of course I am not sure what ready actually means before a 50 mile race.

This past week I logged 54.69 miles and I think that might be a new record for me for a week. Maybe some years ago I may have beat that but this is actually recorded and logged by my Garmin.

Things I need to do yet before I leave next Friday. I need to get my drop bags ready and packed for the three drop bag aid stations on the course. I have a list for each bag which includes what types of clothes to pack, how many Power Bars and packs of Gu, and what not.

Today's long run was interesting as this will be my last really long run, mileage and time wise until next weekend. Parts were very difficult while other parts were equally easy. My recovery and pace coming off the mountain indicated that I was doing rather well. The toughest yet possibly the funniest part of today's outing occurred on the way down.

I was probably 2 miles below Barr Camp and I could have sworn that I was catching a whiff here and there of a cigar. I didn't pay much attention to it because at that point in my outing I could have been imaging whatever it was that I was smelling quite easily.

Not to far in front of me also going down the mountain but hiking I saw a guy and his dog. When I passed him I smelled it again and stopped dead in my tracks and asked him if it was just me or was he smelling a cigar as well.

As it turned out he was the source and showed me his smoke. ARRRRRGH!!!! I was so jealous as I have had to ignore my collection the past couple weeks and probably won't have a cigar until sometime after the race next week. Anyway... it was sort of funny. :)

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