Monday, January 21, 2013

Odds & Ends

Last week was a mix of a week and it was also a week that seemed to last FOREVER!  A lot of time spent training but I also announced my new business.  Tri-Peaks Consulting on Thursday.

The totals for the week play out to be 36 miles of running and 115 miles of riding, and all of the riding was outdoors, no time was spent on the trainer. That makes a grand total of seventeen hours and thirteen minutes of training volume for the week.  Leadman training is going quite well.

It was a great weekend in other ways as well.  Melissa and I went to Joseph's for dinner on Friday night.  I wanted to surprise her since life was still chaotic and upside when our anniversary rolled around on the 8th.  As usual the food was amazing and we had fun chatting with Joseph and Rick and joking around.  I did cheat on Friday night and I actually had the creme brulee for desert.  It was worth it, completely worth it.

I am working on a nutritional presentation associated with the business.  One of the biggest problems that we face today I believe is not that we are stupid, or lazy, or just pigs... most of the dietary issues in the country are founded within the choices, or lack of, that we are so constantly and easily presented with.  Now don't take me wrong, I have eaten TONS of stuff out of vending machines for years, I mean that is why they are there... but it does beg the question, why isn't higher quality food made to be more readily available in this country? 

The standard workplace vending machine.  The only two things in here that are even remotely healthy would be the peanuts and the beef jerky.  And if you are only eating Paleo fare, not even the peanuts because they are legumes.  The beef jerky would even be suspect because I would bet money that the first ingredient after beef is HFCS. 
So just trying to get a foothold onto this week.  Enjoying my day off from training and trying to get data migrated to a single platform for the business.  I really hope to get out at sometime today and enjoy the weather.

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