Saturday, November 10, 2012

Staying out of trouble... at least trying.

Fall Series IV is tomorrow so I am just laying low and staying out of mischief today.  No running today either.  I did five miles at lunchtime yesterday and it was just miserable.  I don't know if I was just having a bad day or if it was residual from the track workout on Thursday night.  Could have just been the week catching up with me as I was super tired yesterday evening.  Who knows... I am just taking today off.

I went to Manitou this morning though to watch the beginning of the Incline Beer Mile, #2.  The weather was beautiful and sunny at the start but after everyone had taken off and I was getting ready to leave the clouds, wind and rain blew in. 

Toying with the idea of hopping on the track stand and riding today but I am not even going to do that.  I want to run tomorrow's race in Palmer Park as fresh and as rested as I can possibly be.  I have yet to have a FS race that I am truly happy with this season so I am hoping maybe tomorrow will go well and in case it doesn't, well that is why I am just hanging out today... I don't want to do anything to screw it up like LAST year.  Of course I will never eat another McRib as long as I live, ever.

Asia is healing up quickly and is sort of back to her old self.  I put the fencing around her kennel earlier so she now has room to get out and move around but stay out of trouble herself.

I know it sucks for her but we have to get that knee to heal.  

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