Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Monastic Month Out

Four weeks and four days... or exactly one calendar month away from the Leadville Marathon now.  One month!  I guess it is time to get serious?

By serious I mean that I need to revoke all of the little "vice passes" that I have been giving myself for the past month.  It's been fun but now it is time to focus a little.  I've done a good job the past week of monitoring the food intake and it has helped immensely.  Now for some other little lifestyle changes including saying adios to my little Cuban friends for the next several weeks and focusing on training, rest and recovery...  

Or as Lucho says, time to live like a monk.  We've had six months of hard work and this past month I have had a crap ton of fun to compensate.  Now, so close to the time of execution I have to start practicing some damned discipline, restraint and control.  Ugh... No more King's Chef, Chinese Food, or burgers for a while... I'll live.

Today I did put in my vacation requests for this summer.  I waited until I knew if I would be on days or not yet.  That was exciting and July is going to be super fun as I am going to gone up into the mountains every weekend except for one.  I can't wait.

I am taking the Cannondale in tomorrow to have it fitted.  I rode it a bit on Sunday and had a blast on a ton of single track with it but I've gotten it as dialed in as I can. Time for a pro to look at it.  I am pretty excited about it as I am sure once that is all set up for me I will be just as happy with that bike as I am the Trek and it is comforting to know that I will have two solid bikes in the stable to race with this summer.   I plan to ride both bikes a TON the week after the Marathon up on Leadville on the 50 MTB course.  Again... I can't wait!

I have to be conservative the next several weeks or so but it is exciting that we are so close to all of the fun starting!  Definitely exciting!

I don't think TP could be any more creepy than he is in this video....

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