Friday, May 3, 2013

Do Epic Shit

Or at a minimum something moderately impressive...

Cobbled together a strange ride today.  Soon I hope to be able to ride above 8K without dealing with snow or even having to think about... 10K would be even better.  Anyway, the goal for the day was four hours with three nasty little 20 minute intervals thrown in for good measure... Problem was finding enough hills and distance overall to fill four hours with the the weather we had earlier in the week...

So, in short... North Cheyenne Canon, Lower Gold Camp, down Skyway, up Skyway, Red Rocks, Manitou, Barr Trail, GOG then home via Stinson trail and MVP....

Leaving in the morning for Cozumel for a week.  Finally.  I hope for better riding conditions up higher when I get back.  Hell I hope for better running conditions too.  All I know is for the next week I will be running a ton of flat stuff at sea level in monster heat and humidity and I can't frickin wait! 

Spearfishing Monday and Wednesday, lots of running, sitting on the beach, reading, smoking awesome Cuban Cigars and checking out ruins that are older than I can really fathom.  Awesome.  Just Awesome!

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