Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tra... wait, no... Tuesday Ride!

Time for a change up and officially training on the bike so no more Tuesday track sessions.  Today's ride was supposed to be a 1:00:00 to 2:00:00 ride on the bike keeping my heart rate between 120 and 130.  That was a challenge.  First of all getting the pulse there and then recognizing it was the first part, then came the challenge of holding it there and not going too far above... or below if going down any sort of hill.

I basically rode up to the Air Force Academy and back in 1:55:00, 25 miles and I kept the average heart rate at 127.  Mission accomplished... I think.   Tomorrow is a 45 minute to 1:10 run and I need to keep my HR between 130 and 145.  This will be interesting.

I am learning about MAF and how all of that works.  Basically right now as I understand it we are keeping my heart rate low over long(ish) durations to build a really solid endurance base I guess.  By keeping the heart rate low consistently over a certain period, the body is forced to make specific adaptations which it can't if you are operating anaerobically or if your heart rate is constantly yo-yo-ing like mine is probably more apt to do.  

On the eating front I am liking Paleo over any low carb thing I have done in the past.  It really helps me to be able to eat all of the fruit and veggies that I want when I want.  My body feels like it is adjusting but it isn't suffering like if I were only having 20 or so grams of carbs per day.  This is actually comfortable.  Part of my research before starting this was trying to figure out what I can eat and where if I go out for lunch or something.  Thankfully I can still go to King's Chef and other places and be just fine just as long as I am careful about what I order.  I won't be doing any of that soon but in the future once things settle down and I get used to the routine.

Watched this video a few times today... this is probably the part of the pack that I will be in so I should get used to it.  At least back "there" it isn't  a crowded so that makes me feel a little better.  But today the reality set in a bit more that in a few months I will actually be racing the damned bike instead of just riding it... Who saw that one coming ever?


  1. Judge Litha PresthidingDecember 4, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    heh, MAF means....mad alien farts? Glad you like Paleo... wont find me darning a heart rate monitor, but if you pass out and your garmin's still going I will push the pause button ;-)

  2. So are you MAF zone different for the bike versus the run?

  3. I think so GZ... it takes more effort to get the heart rate elevated riding than running. Or, it is easier to get the heart rate to rise while running, whichever way you look at it. The zone for today's run starts at the top of yesterday's ride zone.