Monday, January 6, 2014


Back in the springs.  I was gone for 23 days.  23 days I spent in Aspen which is the longest I have really stayed in one place since early last spring.  Crazy.  But I had a great time and really never missed it here.  At all.  This week will be spent catching up around here before heading back up on Friday.

The drive back Sunday night was a chore.  Nearly six hours total.  Vail Pass which I am really starting to despise was a mess with lots of blowing snow.  Hoosier Pass had an accident about a mile from the summit.  Two cars head on it looked like and a semi had also slid off the road. More blowing snow, crappy vis and miserable out.  Much respect to the first responders out there in their bunker gear taking care of things.

Traffic jam on Hoosier Pass.  -2 degrees Fahrenheit not including the windchill. You can see the semi up by the curve.
I thought that I would run today but it didn't happen.  I feel a lot better but there is still a bit of a cough and I don't want to risk it.  The last time I had a cold and cough like this was back in April/May of 2012 and it lasted a lot longer than it should have.   I am not going to go through that again so I am still taking time off until the cough clears.  I feel fine in all other aspects it is just the coughing.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had better get at it.  I registered for the Run Rabbit Run 100 the other night when it opened up.   I have been studying the maps, course descriptions, and other beta.  I am setting up some goals for this race.  I am pretty excited about it. It won out basically because it is a Colorado race and not a forever and a day drive to get there. 

Asia blew out her other ACL on New Years Day in Aspen.  Confirmed that at the vet's office today.  She is getting around better but surgery is unavoidable.  I am hoping the vet schedules the operation for the 16th or 17th.  At least it is winter and she will be stuck inside recovering while it is relatively nasty out.  On a good note, Asia has lost a lot of weight which we were hoping for.  She was 77 pounds back in April and is now at 63.  That will go a long way to helping her recover more quickly post op.

But I really enjoyed my time in Aspen.  I ran some new cool stuff and I mapped out about 10 runs all in distances between six and thirty miles for training runs.  There are a ton of good options to keep it fresh.  Some of these courses will also play into bike training as well.  I found a trail that goes from Hunter Creek over to Woody Creek that I  hope to try to run this weekend weather permitting.  That one will take me past "Owl Farm" and I think I will end that run at the Woody Creek Tavern.  Sounds like a plan.

Ready for spring and summer though.

Really missing riding days like this.

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  1. Heard nothing but cool things about RRR (thinking of maybe doing the 50 there); the convenience factor is a great bonus.

    Happy New Year...looking forward to your year ahead!