Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And Here Comes The Heat

Weather Underground is predicting a high of 93 for COS Saturday and Sunday... 70's for Pb though... so... guess where WE will be???

I am learning that adjusting back to days is going to be a challenge. It won't or I hope it won't be as  bad but right now "the system" is wired to be on at night and is ready to work.  Conversely during the days I am dog-assed tired.  I can handle the discomfort though... at least it feels like I am in more of a natural rhythm and despite being tired I can still easily wake up and get out of bed in the morning... I just  need to work on that getting to sleep part.

GZ posted an interesting link regarding PEDs which is funny considering the product that I was studying last night.  Mountain Might.  Chalk this product up to another scam right up there with the used Israeli gask masks (Elevation Training Masks) in terms of efficacy and acclimatizing to higher altitudes.

Anyway... I call bullshit.  To carry more oxygen ya need more red blood cells... period, and the only things that can really do that (next to living at altitude or maybe sleeping in an altitude tent) are banned substances and they are banned for a reason.  The funny thing about the Mountain Might site is they do illustrate a lot of science on altitude and sports training which is true, but, they don't really explain how their product works exactly so their whole scam is as Doug Henning used to say, "An illllooooooosssioon."

Pb is the best thing that I can ever think of for altitude training... accept no substitutes!


  1. I have wondered if altitude chambers really do it. They are not really lowering air pressure ... (they couldn't otherwise they would collapse on themselves). They are instead reducing the amount of available oxygen (while keeping the pressure the same). I am no physiologist but I have wondered if this subtle difference makes a difference.

  2. Agreed 100% GZ... without the corresponding atmo pressure I don't think the body kicks out as much rbc producing proteins as thought but that is just my belief. So I am a skeptic of the tents as well.

  3. Great to meet you out on the trail today Andy.

  4. Most definitely Kiki. Hopefully we can do some riding after the Marathon on the 50 course and get that one dialed in.