Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here we go... Again...

I completely failed last year at chronicling my running, races, training and everything else throughout the year. That is probably mostly because my running, races, training and everything else throughout the year took up to so much time. To summarize, here were the results from last season:

Salida Run Through Time Marathon

Garden of the Gods 10 Mile

San Juan Solstice 50 MIle Run

Leadville Trail Marathon

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Run

Pikes Peak Ascent

Leadville Trail 100 Run
DNF 48 Miles

Of course that big DNF in the last entry is what has been haunting me daily for the past seven months. Regardless of the DNF or what caused it or might have caused it, I had the biggest running year of my life. If the Leadville 100 had not been a goal, at least half of those other races which were accomplishments in and of themselves probably would not have happened. A big year and experience was gained.

So here we go again. It is a year later and I am back at it. One goal and one goal only and that is to complete the Leadville 100.

My first real race of the year is this coming weekend in Salida, Colorado. It is a Marathon, 26.2 miles and the course is a tough one. This year it will be even more challenging as there is plenty of snow on the trail between miles 18-23. Good thing I did the Trudge in Wyoming in January.

Here is the fun part about this weekend. See, for most a Marathon is a huge deal in and of itself and afterward, well you typically get to take some time off. Not me. Nope. Sunday is a 23 mile run to give me a total of 50 miles for the weekend. My coach is wanting to get me up to 70 miles per week as soon as possible and this is all part of that.

See... everything is about Leadville.

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