Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday... Progress In the Right Direction.

Melissa had her first PT appointment this morning and I have to be honest I had some concerns.  Yesterday, Tuesday was sort of bumpy in spots in regards to pain management so I definitely had questions about how this morning would go.  Even getting out of the apartment seemed like a longshot.

I woke up first this morning.  Straightened things up, took Asia out then came back inside to roust Melissa out of bed.  The first thing I noticed is that she had color in her cheeks for the first time in days.  This is a huge improvement over the pale complexion of the past two days and watching her sleep with a frown from the pain on her face. 

We were out of here and on our way much more quickly than I had expected.  The first victory of the day was just getting down the stairs and getting her into the Jeep.  That went 1000 times better than I was expecting.

PT went great.  She worked on stretching and bending her leg and they even had her walking on her crutches and putting weight on the leg as well.  Melissa was a real trooper through the entire morning.  Once we got her home though it was time to put the Game Ready back on the leg and for her to take a good long nap to recover.

Melissa doing laps in the PT room at Aspen Valley Hospital.  Her therapist there, Lucy was awesome.
After getting Melissa and Asia settled in I took some time and went for a run.  A little over ten miles with an average HR of 153.  It was a solid run where I had to keep the HR 5-10 BPM above MAF with six 30 second hill repeats thrown in.  I felt a little rough starting out after yesterday's trainer workout but things opened up after the first mile or so.  It was one of those good runs where I felt so good that I was having thoughts that I should not be having.

Truth... Next week I will find out if I got into the 100 MTB or not but to be honest I kind of hope I don't.  Given how strong I have been feeling the past two to three weeks I think I really want to make another run at Leadman this year.  I can't put into words why I want to do it, I just know that I want to.  Will I?  I doubt it, but if I have to do it I think it would be great to do again.  But if I have to... I'm in.

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