Friday, August 30, 2013


I have never used their products but I have been cautioned numerous times not to anyway so I have no interest in it.  The horror stories that I have heard have been more than enough to dissuade my interest.  What I didn't know was that HLF was looked at as a MLM, or possible pyramid scheme.  Interesting.  Makes me think now that all of the Herbalife kits I saw in the mountain bike race might as well just have said Amway.

Had a great run up here yesterday.  I was sitting here working all day and looking out the window at the mountain to the south not really sure what mountain it was and how to even get there.  Looked at my trail maps a little then sort of had a rough idea of how to get there.  Basically ran across town and up the Little Cloud Trail and then up the ski area road to almost the top of of Aspen Mountain.  Trail running might never be the same for me now.  The Little Cloud trail was very reminiscent of running up the Water Dog Lakes Trail in Lake City and running up the dirt road to the top of the mountain offered just amazing views of the area giving me a better idea of how things are laid out.

After that I took Asia for a walk on the Rio Grande Trail which if you follow it the entire distance will take you to the Woody Creek Tavern, which if I remember history correctly was one of Hunter S. Thompson's haunts back in the day.  It is just a really neat path that runs along the Roaring Fork.

Going to try to go out for a ride later up Smuggler Mountain Road if I can find it.  No way could I have ridden up what I ran yesterday.

Wonder when they get their first snow here?  You know, the one that sticks and stays all winter?

That is the top of Aspen Mountain right above the Jeep. 


  1. Though Leadville is gorgeous, I'm sure it's great to get some fresh views elsewhere. Sounds like they're going to be as regular as the Pb trails though :).