Monday, January 16, 2012

Fat Ass 50 and Fine Tuning

Ran the local Fat Ass 50K this past weekend and had a great time doing it. The weather was simply outstanding for mid January and for the most part the course was nice and clear. There were some spots with bad ice but nothing that was not to be expected. Thanks to all of the local CRUD guys and Brownie for creating such a great course.

The 30 mile-plus course took me 7:03 to finish and I did the full course. All in all I was not too banged up afterwards and really my biggest complaint was that my ankles were sore from having to work double time running down Longs Ranch Road and stabilizing me in the snow. I tried to run the course at or about the same level of effort that I plan to run the Rocky Raccoon 100 in less than three weeks. Slow... Start off slow and hold back then just slow down less than anyone else over time.

I registered for my fourth San Juan Solstice yesterday morning. My fourth! Holy shit! That in and of itself made me feel old. A decade or so a go running that race was merely a dream... now I am doing my fourth one... Crazy. I booked a sweet cabin this morning for Melissa and I for that weekend too. The race aside, I think that we always have fun on this trip and we look forward to it.

But after registering for SJS, I decided yesterday morning that I will NOT register or run the Desert Rats 50 Miler in April more than likely. After Rocky I plan on focusing hard on Salida and recovering and then after Salida I plan to focus on the SJS 50 like a laser... I know deep down that I have yet to have my best day there and I intend on doing that this year. I want that freaking cannibal hat!

The reason I am taking the Desert Rats race out of the equation is that I don't want to get caught up in the 50 miler, race, recover, run, taper, race... cycle that I was doing last spring and summer for four months. I could possibly go out to Fruita and run the 25 miler though... I won't exactly say no to that completely, at least not quite yet.

Of course after SJS, Leadville in August then the new race in Arizona in late Sept.

81.07 mile week last week. Sixty mile week this week. All of the work that I could have done for this race is done... now to just not fuck it up and do something stupid the next three weeks... It will be so nice to have time for other things besides training. I have some reading to catch up on as well as some other side projects that need attention. Life is good!

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