Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week I am tapering which means am barely running and overall just trying to take it easy. My last big run of the week was Tuesday evening and that was ten mountainous miles. Interesting enough I ran that course 20 minutes faster on Tuesday than I did just two months ago. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

Tomorrow, Thursday I will do a light and easy five miler then maybe one mile or so on Friday.

I am getting really excited about heading out on Friday. I've been studying the results for the Desert Rats 50 Miler from previous years and calculating my own splits and all I can say is that unless the course is really technical (and slow) I am expecting to have a stellar day. As in a "who dat?" kinda day when I blaze across the finish line. Or I could come in bloody and beat up... we'll see.

The forecasted high for Saturday keeps creeping upwards too. Now it is 70 and partly cloudy. 70 is gonna feel pretty warm I am afraid especially if there isn't a breeze, which again is predicted to be 8 mph or so out of the west. If it stays partly cloudy that will help.

Definitely enjoying the time off. I am bummed that I have to dial in tomorrow for a work related conference call that will probably not be all good news. Maybe someday I can take a whole week off uninterrupted...

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