Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That Giant Sucking Sound? That Would be March.

In the past I typically look forward to March. It is the month when days begin to become noticeably longer and presumably warmer. March is also my birthday month which I often look forward to as "Christmas Part II" really. All in all I look forward to March with great anticipation as it mostly means that we are coming out of the cold and darkness of winter. It is the month where I tend to solidify all of my plans for the year and begin to anticipate a fun year ahead. Well... not this March.

The weather has driven me crazy. The warm temps I've enjoyed no doubt but the wind has been completely unnecessary. I don't think that I have ever seen wind so bad down here. At one time last week I was on the Mesa and I could literally lean into the wind with all of my weight and it would hold me there.


Of course the wind would not be complete without the total lack of precipitation and dryness that we have been having. It works like this... warm temps cause things to bud. When things bud, pollen is released. Without any moisture in the air pollen floats around rather easily... with even less humidity and moisture in the air, the pollen keeps increasing even more. Then along comes the wind to stir it all up and make sure that there is plenty of allergens, dust, pollen and god knows what else suspended in the air to make breathing a ridiculously difficult chore. Throw in sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion and the party is complete. March: Fail number one.

Daylight savings time.... Why they moved it back to March is beyond me. It is pointless. What good does it do to have daylight hours extend later into the evening if it is still really too cold and windy out to do anything? Worse, for the past couple of weeks I've been having to take Annie to the bus stop in the dark at ten till seven in the morning. Really the later daylight hours do nothing more than to upset my daily rhythms at best, but in the end just mostly end up depressing me. March: Fail number two.

I turned 43 this year and I have to say that I have never had a more underwhelming and disappointing birthday than this one. A complete bust. March: Fail number three.

On the upside.... Asia is a wonderful puppy and I have completely enjoyed having her this month. She is growing so quickly that it won't be long and she will be full grown it seems. She has already passed from puppy to small dog I believe. She weighed in at 25lbs last night. March: Win number one.

I've met and exceeded my miles for March running and still have some days this month to increase that total more. I got in an 80 mile week, a 30-20 weekend and a long run on the Appalachian Trail this month. I'm not injured either. Had a great race in Salida. So... March: Win number two.

Just returned home from MD. Those trips wreck me and coming back to Colorado usually wrecks me more. I had a great visit with my parents and nieces though so I will call it a wash. March: Tie number one.

So bring on April with April Fools Day and Easter... coincidence or not? Regardless here's to things getting better one way or the other.

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