Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just a Great Day

Today turned out much better than expected or even hoped for. Yesterday was to be my big run of the week with a 20 mile run. I did that, in the heat and came home and recovered nicely through the afternoon and evening.

I woke up early this morning for the most part feeling pretty good. I had decided to stay put in town instead of venturing out and do a local run. The idea came to me in yesterdays run to do the Gold Camp Road run up N. Cheyenne Canyon and go as far I could and do and out and back for a minimum of ten miles. BUT I also was leaving the option to go further and do a big loop that at best I figured was 20 miles at a minimum but probably no more than 30 miles.

When I took of this morning things felt pretty. I was not feeling too much from the day before to be honest. About 7 miles in as I ran through the 3rd tunnel I just figured I'd go ahead and commit to the full loop. I've biked this 2x but that was 16 years ago and while I was confident I knew how to catch the trail further up, I still had some concerns. I did pack a map to be safe.

The weather was perfect. Cool starting out but even when it warmed up it wasn't that bad. Everything felt great the entire distance. Okay towards the end I was getting a little tired but more so just tired of running that being tired from running.

My goal for the day was 10 miles minimum as I said. I had to clock 12 miles to meet my goal of 250 miles for the month of May. I ended up doing 26.

I can not explain just how good I feel right now. Physically not too much discomfort... but mentally and emotionally I am on cloud nine. My confidence which really has been in the crapper for weeks is soaring for a change. I needed this run and I am just so thankful that it worked out as well as it did.

Came home had a great dinner, watered the lawn and all of the plants too. The great thing is that I still have a day off tomorrow!

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